Ung Tro - CD Review

Ung Tro – CD Review

Matt Woods from Iowa since the early 2000s, has been active as a musician and blues artist. He also harbors a great love for all possible forms of American roots […]

Sound Guardian - CD Review

Sound Guardian – CD Review

Matt Woods? Oh, yeah, there you go. In fact, that’s why there are places like the Blues Corner, where every now and then you read about a new name with […]

PROFILE - Des Moines Cityview Magazine

PROFILE – Des Moines Cityview Magazine

After the thunder It was a bit of a come-to-Jesus moment for Matt Woods a couple years back when his band, The Thunderbolts, called it quits. Matt Woods & The […]

REVIEW - Blues Blast Magazine

REVIEW – Blues Blast Magazine

As a promoter of live Blues music shows, I find it bitterly ironic that I can not book a solo acoustic act and expect but about half the attendance that will come…

REVIEW - Sawdust & Gasoline

REVIEW – Sawdust & Gasoline

When our band, Matt Woods and the Thunderbolts, broke up a few years ago, Matt Woods could’ve found an agent, gotten his hair styled, and gone on the road playing […]