Ung Tro – CD Review

Matt Woods from Iowa since the early 2000s, has been active as a musician and blues artist. He also harbors a great love for all possible forms of American roots music, like country, blues, gospel and folk music. He has released three albums, one solo and two together with a backing band, The Thunderbolts. Now is the time for the next solo release “Sawdust and Gasoline”, recorded live in the studio. The songs are self-written, but inspired by music from the classical tradition. Acoustic music in the form of the right beautiful bluesy rhythms and heartfelt vocals. And although certainly has a great feel when it comes to the music, it’s the song that is the strength of the plate. The song is heartfelt, close to a mildly rasping. Best of closing, gospel-influenced track “When I see my father there”.

Published September 21, 2015
by Mattias Gustafsson

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